AAApril: Day 5

It's going like ... okay.


For the most part, I'm following the rules. As I write this sentence, I am finishing my first cup of hot chocolate, 4 days after my first green tea on day 1.

No alcohol. No meat. No fried food. No pastries or candies or the refined-carb like. Unless you count one (fried) potato chip and one ritz cracker.

Adherent on youtubes. Mostly adherent on TV/Movies: 2 movies, about 4.5 hours of TV except for... that surprise episode of Rick and Morty was left looping in our living room Saturday night, and I ended up watching it ~5 times as the other folks I was with, who were drunk, wanted to rewatch for comprehension. This begs the question is the rule 90 minutes of TV? or 90 unique minutes of TV?

For meals: I've cooked twice (Sweet potato tacos, curried chickpea bowel - pic below), eaten leftovers once, eaten prepackaged salads thrice, eaten some cereal with unsweetened almond milk a few times, and bought one Tatte muesli and one Clover mezze platter.

curried chickpea bowl

I've had cheese on salads twice and the yogurt with the muesli. So I am pretty bad at the non-dairy bits. I also ate a "small" bag of AMC popcorn with butter topping—the internet assures me its vegan—which I don't think broke the letter of any rules, but probably the spirit, as it was essentially recreational eating.

No social media, news alerts are off. Read Washington Post and (less so) NYT for ~a half hour in morning and early evening most days so far.


The good
I'm not sure there really is much as of yet. I suppose I at the outset had what you could call "flights of optimism" that I am "putting in the work" and might end up better for it. I worry these are already fading as the difficulty of adherence takes its toll.

I would say I still feel tired and kinda run down, but maybe less so? That might be the stirrings of better sleep quality or it might just be a lack of hangovers (not that I would usually have had one Sun-Wed)

I lost some water weight so I guess that is nice.

The lack of bad
At the risk of tempting fate, I would say that I haven't had an especially bad panic attack in the last 5 days so thats good.

My GI symptoms have been not all better... but better. I still have some weird intermittent abdominal pain though, so that's sad.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons I got like... pretty bored. I "procrastinated" my youtube and TV forward cause I didn't want to burn them too fast.

Saturday, I went through all my pinboard bookmarks and deleted nearly half that were dead links or I didn't feel like were still relevant to my interests (mostly articles about the Ruby on Rails ecosystem and job postings I had bookmarked years ago).

Sunday: I shaved and got a haircut (pic below FYI) and went to Whole Foods to pick up some olive oil. I also got oatmeal and flax crackers, and whole wheat English Muffins and kinda-expensive jam (the jar of which fell of a shelf and broke between when I went to bed on Monday and when I awoke Tuesday, so I threw it away -_-)

my new haircut

Neither of these things takes a day. I don't really know what I did with the rest of the hours... but I was definitely bored for some. This is not necessarily a bad thing

Awareness of Lack of Desire
Stripped of my default distractions (Twitter, uncapped youtube, /r/politics), I often find myself ... not sure what to do. I think "What do I want to do?" and then pretty much think "Idk." I know that I have, or at least some version of fairly-recent-past me had, like goals and interests, but frequently I have trouble bringing those to mind.

I am just like ... uninterested. The way I put it in chat to my roommate is basically "where have all the fucks gone?"

My arm chair neurochemistry guess is that my dopamine reward-seeking system is like... overstimulated? Hopefully not, like, broken.

Muscle soreness
The most annoying/concerning side-effect(?) is a somewhat persistent feeling akin to DOMS in my glutes, quads, calves, and maybe left bicep. It was bad enough on the night of the 3rd that I think it was quite hard to fall asleep.

I am concerned I am not getting enough protein, or that my my body's ability to absorb non-heme iron is leaving me deficient.

I am keeping an eye on this and trying to watch out for it. I have some Vega Sport chocolate-flavored plant-sourced protein. I drank one serving yesterday, today I went to Juice Union and had some Avo-Coco B'Nice Cream with added Hemp Protein. I am supposing the agave in that didn't count as refined sugar (... questionable). The Vega also has a decent chunk of Iron in it. idk.

That's enough from me for now. Hope anyone reading this is well.

Probably will add updates again sometime this month.

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